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"Mold Making VHS Videos"

Learn to make your own molds easily, and Save. These videos show you step by step details, on how to make molds designed for casting concrete, plaster and other materials.

Volume 1, is just over an hour long, and details how to make a one, two, and a three piece mold, focusing on fiberglass and gelcoat. This video gives you the basic fundamentals of moldmaking.

Volume 2, details how to make molds using fiberglass and rubber. It is about 1 1/2 hours long.

Making Molds is Easy
and Fun!

Each instructional video includes a complete list of materials required to make these molds.

Plus! We will advise you on any help or questions that you may have.

You will save, Hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars by making your own molds.

molds and moulds
molds, moulds

Order online or send check or money order to:

Concrete Success
PO Box 943
Simcoe, Ontario
N3Y 5B3 Canada

International orders welcome.
* All videos VHS/NTSC format.
Click to order Mold Making For Ornamental Concrete Volume 1
$19.95 + $5.00(Shipping/Handling)

Click to order Mold Making For Ornamental Concrete Volume 2
$19.95 + $5.00(Shipping/Handling)

Order both videos and save Order both videos for only $39.95. Shipping and Handling included. Click to order both

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