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"Make ornamental concrete lawn ornaments and molds for Huge profits."

concrete castings barrow Our book "Concrete Success", details all the easy to use formulas and secrets for a successful lawn ornament business.

Whether you are already in the concrete business or looking to start a new part or full time business, this book is a valuable resource. Complete with 30 day money back guarantee.

Something for everyone.

Learn from the professionals:

  • Complete source of molds.
  • Do's and dont's in mixing concrete.
  • Pricing, for highest profits
  • Repeat sales.
  • Where and how to sell.
  • Make specialty items from local materials.
  • Prepare for popular design trends.
  • Easy to paint and special effects.
  • Plus! A whole lot more.

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    Concrete Success
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    Simcoe, Ontario
    N3Y 5B3 Canada

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